Werner Aisslinger | Hemp Chair

Designed by Werner Aisslinger and supported by German chemical company BASF, the Hemp-Chair is the world’s first concept for a monobloc chair made of natural fibers.
The Hemp-Chair has been designed for a lightweight manufacturing process stemming from the car industry: the renewable raw materials hemp and kenaf are compressed with a water-based thermoset binder to form an eco-friendly, lightweight and yet strong composite.

The Hemp-Chair is designed in the tradition of monobloc stackable chairs, which have often been made of reinforced plastics at the time they were launched. Shaping a complete chair structure from a thin layer of material is one of the most challenging ways to design and engineer a chair. The *hemp-chair*, with its soft curves and its bead structure, embodies a new approach to this complex type of chair.

Today’s consumers are striving towards a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with the environment. They want innovative products such as electric scooters and hybrid cars as well as new, environmentally compatible, light and durable materials.
According to Werner Aisslinger, the development of the Hemp-Chair marks a turning point in this trend. “Design history is driven by new technologies and material innovation. For us designers, the advent of these technologies has always been the starting point for new objects and typologies in design,” states the internationally acclaimed designer from Berlin.